“I believe. Oh, and interest rates are going up.”

Glenn Stevens

It’s common for current Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) Governor Glenn Stevens (pictured right) to appear on television and radio around the time when the RBA announces coming interest rates. Stevens’ media engagements were different this time around, however. He made an appearance on television revealing his fondness for James Bond films and Jazz music. He also addressed an Easter breakfast for the Wesley Church in Sydney declaring his Christian faith and how he views his governorship as a vocation in God’s service.

What is going on here?

We’ve come to expect that politicians will milk their faith, rarely missing an opportunity to give a doorstop address after a Sunday service. But why would Glenn Stevens find it necessary to publicly profess his Christianity when acting in his capacity as the RBA Governor? Albeit a public role, the RBA governorship is not an elected position. There’s no need for Stevens to show the voting public that he’s a man of God and a good Christian.

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