Countering the Craft International Boston Marathon bombing theory

There’s a theory buzzing around the Interwebs claiming that ex-US Military employees from Craft International are really behind the Boston Marathon bombings.

Such theories can be found here, for example.

This theory draws on three images for evidence: one taken prior to the bombings and the other two taken after.

In the ‘before’ image, a military-looking man can be seen wearing a black backpack with a small, white square patch on the top handle. In one of the ‘after’ images, the same man is said to be fleeing the scene without a backpack.

Here are these two images as popularly presented on the Interwebs:

Boston imaged cropped

Boston image

Where did his backpack go? This is where the third image comes in. Here it is:

The backpack

The backpack

Notice the white square?

Case closed.



What the persons who wish to implicate this poor chap in the Boston Marathon bombings don’t tell you is that the image of him supposedly ‘fleeing’ the scene has been cropped. Here’s the original:

Boston imaged full

Boston image, full

As you can see in the full image, this photo was taken well after the bombings. Emergency staff are out in force, tending to those few people who still require medical attention. It looks more like he’s assisting emergency staff, not fleeing the scene.

‘Okay, so he’s not fleeing the scene,’ I hear you say, ‘So what? He could still be the culprit. He could have planted the backpack bomb and then stuck around. Right?’

Wrong again.

Here’s why. There exists footage (see below), recorded by Fatma Tanis, that shows our poor chap in the crowd with his backpack on his back just after the first bomb detonates and just before the second bomb detonates. There is so little time between him appearing in frame and the second detonation that it is nigh on impossible that he could have set down the second bomb and fled to a safe distance before it detonated.

A two-minute video presenting the theory, the evidence for it (stated succinctly by DAHBOO77), and the counter-evidence in the footage captured by Tanis.

5 thoughts on “Countering the Craft International Boston Marathon bombing theory

  1. So, everyone is facing towards the bomb, and these guys are running the opposite way, but they are “helping out”. Nice. Thanks for proving they really are “persons of interest”.

    • You’re not serious, are you? Take another look at the full image. This photo was taken some time after the bombs went off. Count the emergency services staff. Look at how empty the stands are. If those guys are fleeing, it’s the worst case of delayed reaction in history.

  2. You don’t find it suspicious that their backpacks matches the one that exploded? You don’t find it curious that theyre were special agents at the event? And that a “staged explosion” took place the very same day?

    The backpacks the Arab “suspects” were carrying wasn’t even large enough to carry a “pressure cooker”. The 2 backpacks one agent was carrying was large enough to carry it.


  3. With as terrorist crazy as we have gone in this country, I don’t find it odd at all that agents were there. I also don’t find anything odd about the backpack. You can pack a very large boom in a very small package. Anti-Terrorism training and drills happen constantly in this country. Have you ever considered that the government may be creating false flag conspiracy theories to distract from the real conspiracies? HMMMMM

    • yes , the US government loves conspiracies . Everyone screams about 911 , and pay little attention to millions dead and a whole Region in chaos .

      Bush said “Let us not entertain outrageous conspiracy theories”

      Thats litlerally “Dont push the red button “

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