Quick poll: Who will you vote Mayor of Geelong?

This is a quick poll to get a sense of who might win the coming mayoral election in Geelong. Who will you vote Mayor of Geelong? Submit your answer below.

If you want to know a little more about the nine candidates before participating, see my earlier post ‘Electing Geelong’s next mayor’. A version of this poll is also available at the bottom of that post.

Who will you vote Mayor of Geelong?


Your Internet Protocol (IP) address is the only data recorded when you participate in the poll. Accordingly, people who fall outside of the relevant electoral boundaries can participate. However, if you are not eligible to vote in the coming mayoral election, I ask that you refrain from participating in this poll. You can check the electoral boundaries here [250KB]. Anyone who resides or pays rates within one of these 12 wards and is enrolled to vote may vote for the next Geelong mayor.

A built-in IP address blocker will prevent you from voting more than once from any one IP address. However, such software is easily circumvented. Therefore, I also ask that eligible participants vote only once.

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