Electing the next Geelong mayor

Nominations have closed. Nine candidates will vie for the crown of Geelong’s first directly-elected mayor. The race is on. Here’s a brief form guide.

John Mitchell

John Mitchell

Mayor John Mitchell

Incumbent Mayor John Mitchell was the first to declare his intention to run for the new position as Geelong’s popularly elected mayor. Mitchell has a distinct advantage over other candidates: he’s the devil we know. In a time of political change (albeit minor), ‘Mitch’ is tangible.

A train driver who left school at 17, Mitchell has been Geelong Mayor since 2009 and served as Deputy Mayor in 2007 and 2008. He prides himself of his ability to lobby business and state and federal government on behalf of Geelong, claiming influence over the funding allocation for the Geelong Library and Heritage Centre and the decision by Alcoa and Huyck, two of Geelong’s larger employers, to remain in Geelong.

Mitchell also knows how Council operates. In a recent interview with The Geelong Times (29 August 2012), he sent out a warning to his less experienced running mates:

If people think they can just come in and wave a magic wand over what we do, the Local Government Act don’t allow that to happen. You need to have experience in the job. You need to have experience in how council functions. You need to understand how to get things done.

In the same interview he also disclosed that he has ‘always been a member of a union’, but never a member of a political party.

Mitchell submitted the following candidate statement to the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC):

As an experienced Councillor, Mayor, and truly independent candidate, I know what it takes to lead our great city. I believe passionately that Geelong and the Bellarine’s best days are in front of it, and our city and region have a great future. As Mayor, I’ve led the way in developing our Cultural Precinct, greatly increasing funding to our libraries and the programs that they deliver, building new kindergartens and improving children’s services, and developing fantastic community sports facilities which we now enjoy. I want to build on these foundations to deliver a better life for our elderly and aged, jobs and education for our children, whilst ensuring ratepayers get real value for money. I will provide open and honest government where Geelong and Bellarine residents have a say in their future. Thanks for your support over the last four years. Let’s make our future the best it can be.

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Keith Fagg

Keith Fagg

Keith Fagg

Keith Fagg was the second person to announce his intention to stand for Mayor. In an interview with the Geelong Advertiser, Fagg declared that although Geelong is currently facing a range of economic challenges, ‘We can be the sort of society that has a social conscience, a compassionate society and a vibrant society’.

Like Mitchell, Fagg has never been a member of a political party and wears his political independence with pride. His company, Fagg’s Mitre 10, is a member of the Geelong Chamber of Commerce.

Mr Fagg’s candidate statement reads:

We all care about Geelong’s future. We care about jobs, the future of our economy, our wonderful lifestyle and our strong sense of community. Geelong people have told me they want a fresh, forward looking approach together with sound leadership and commercial skills to embrace the many opportunities ahead. As Mayor, I will work actively with Council to do this. Roads, rates, parking and the CBD are among concerns you’ve told me about during my extensive listening tour in recent months. You’ve also asked me not to forget those in our community who are doing it tough. Through many years active involvement in community and charitable organisations, I understand these needs and have the commitment and energy to work for better outcomes for Geelong people. Working together with a bold, innovative approach, we can build a thriving future and make Geelong even greater. Read about my Vision for Geelong: www.keithfagg.com.au

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Bernadette Uzelac

Bernadette Uzelac

Bernadette Uzelac

Bernadette Uzelac then threw her hat in the ring. Uzelac is the Executive Officer of the Geelong Chamber of Commerce, an ‘unashamedly “pro business”’ lobbying organisation in Geelong. She was also a founding director of the Committee for Geelong. Uzelac has completed a Commerce degree with a major in Commercial Law at Deakin University and a Graduate Diploma in Organisation Change and Development from RMIT. She also established the Geelong employment recruitment agency People at Work.

Bernadette Uzelac’s candidate statement:

I grew up and was educated in Geelong. My husband and I raised our family here. I have been and am currently involved in local charities, disability sector and community boards. I’m passionate about the region and that is why I’m running for Mayor. As a successful businesswoman I want to see the area prosper so people can get jobs and families can grow. To do that we need an environment where business will invest and I will encourage that. I want to see a stronger sense of community with more volunteering and support for multiculturalism. Arts and culture bind our community so I will foster them. Our environment, both built and natural, must be preserved for future generations. Our regions are as important as our city. I will nurture both. To me the investments that count are in our people, community, culture, arts, business and the environment. buzelac3@bigpond.com www.bernadetteuzelac.com

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» ‘Recruit firm founder to head city chamber’, The Geelong Independent, 28 October 2010, Andrew Mathieson.

Stephanie Asher

Stephanie Asher

Stephanie Asher

Stephanie Asher announced her candidacy via Twitter. Asher is a Communications Advisor at Barwon Medicare Local, Director of One Purple Pony Communications and Owner of SGR Publishing & Marketing. She has a Bachelor of Arts from Monash University and a Diploma of Management from Deakin. Asher is also a member of the Geelong Chamber of Commerce.

As an Ocean Grove local, Stephanie Asher is promising to represent the wider Geelong region, not just the city.

Stephanie Asher’s candidate statement:

My focus is people not politics. I have a track record in bringing people together, making tough decisions and being fair and accountable. As an independent candidate, my first priority is to get the basics right at Council. My style is open, direct and inclusive. I have strong values, massive energy and a huge capacity for work. I operate a small business and my twenty years in professional consulting includes recent senior positions at Australia Post and BHP Billiton headquarters. I’ve led teams in sport, community work and business. Our young family means I know the pressures and joys of running a household. Locally, I’ve worked with G21, Committee for Geelong, Barwon Regional Waste, Avalon Airport, Geelong Otway Tourism, Barwon Medicare Local and Vision2, so I understand the many issues and perspectives. I offer long-term thinking, hard yakka and a sense of fun. I will listen carefully and speak honestly.

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Sue Bull

Sue Bull

Sue Bull

Then a fifth candidates emerged. Longtime Socialist Alliance member and Green Left Weekly contributor Sue Bull announced her intention to run for the position.

According to a report in the Geelong Advertiser, Bull has decided to nominate because she believes the mayoral elections need ‘a good dose of progressive politics’.

She has also said that she would live off the average wage of a skilled worker and give away what remains of the $173,000 mayor’s salary.

Bull ran as a Socialist Alliance candidate for the seat of Corio in the 2010 federal election, receiving 1.17% of the vote.

Sue Bull’s candidate statement:

I am running for Mayor of Greater Geelong because I believe that the needs of the community must be put ahead of corporate greed. I have seen the city develop with little attention to jobs, planning, public transport or environmental sustainability. Geelong must become more liveable in terms of public transport, sustainable housing and development of alternative industries which create ‘green collar’ jobs for workers sacked from local manufacturing industries. I also think Geelong should become a refugee welcoming city taking a stand against racism and that we must support our local TAFE fighting for better education and training. I do not support CEO style salaries for Mayors. If elected I would live on the average wage of a skilled worker donating the rest to community campaigns for social justice and the environment. I am a 55 year old Health and Safety teacher and a proud member of Socialist Alliance.

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Ron Watt

Ron Watt

Ron Watt

As the nomination deadline loomed more candidates emerged, including Geelong Football Club player welfare officer and ex-player Ron Watt.

Mr Watt has been at the Cats for 14 years. He also has a teaching degree from Deakin University.

Watt declares that he has no political allegiances and will be self-funding his campaign.

Mr Watt’s candidate statement:

I am a hard working and motivated person who has raised a family in the Geelong region over the last 30 years. My background is in Education and for the last 14 years I have been employed at the Geelong Football Club in various coaching and development roles. I am committed to influencing attitudes and behaviours toward drugs, alcohol, violence and areas of diversity. I will be seeking new opportunities for our economy, be proactive with major projects and provide the best possible services to residents in all areas of the city. Everyone has a right to have a voice in their community and I will be inclusive in decision making processes. I have shown an ability to provide strong, positive and consistent leadership – this is something I can deliver in the role of Mayor as Geelong continues its journey to being a great city. Vote 1 Ron Watt.

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Graeme Robin, John Smith and Frank Rozpara also emerged at the eleventh hour.

Graeme Robin

Graeme Robin

Graeme Robin

You might call Graeme Robin a ‘grey nomad’; he prefers ‘backroads traveler’. A resident of Ocean Grove since 1973, Graeme worked in the accountant industry before opening a small business manufacturing domestic furniture. When the 1991 recession hit, however, Graeme and his wife Barb saw an opportunity for a lifestyle change. They closed the business and started touring Australia for three months of each year.

When Barb passed away in 2006, Graeme took the backroads travel to another level. For the next five years he toured the globe: Scandinavia, Iceland, Spain, Morocco, Russia and Japan. Now, seeing the new position of directly elected mayor as a genuine opportunity to change Geelong for the better, he has decided to focus on a new adventure: local government.

Graeme identifies three main problems with Council as it stands: unresponsive (though no doubt dedicated) bureaucracy, short-term vision, and a lack of financial accountability. Council rates last year climbed at four times the rate of inflation, but ratepayers see few improvements. Long-term regional unemployment, youth violence and citizen loneliness remain — difficult problems that need to be tackled ‘with patience and with focus’. The sort of patience and focus that Graeme believes he can bring to the job.

Graeme has never belonged to a political party or been involved with any business group. Nor has he sought financial contributions to fund his campaign. As he states on his website, all he seeks is a mandate from the people of Geelong — a mandate that he believes the new mayor can rightfully invoke at Council; a ‘strong message’ from the voters that the new mayor, whomever he or she may be, shares their vision. It’s a message he also says other councillors and the council bureaucracy ignore at their peril.

Graeme Robin’s candidate statement:

A challenge! Compare your council rates-bill with your yearly cost of electricity. Then compare with your gas, water, car registration and house insurance. Can you now tell me that our rates are reasonable? Does it make you angry, like it always makes me angry! So much money going out for council rates and so little coming back in return. It will only get worse because our council is expanding at 6% each year – four times faster than our population and indeed inflation too. It has to stop. It must stop. I am offering myself as a catalyst for change but it will be a challenge because previous councils have already done many of the easy things. And please don’t suggest I am not up to that challenge. This time last year I was driving my old Fiat across Russia from Finland to Japan. Alone. That was a challenge! www.graemerobin.com

More Graeme:
» Graeme Robin’s website.
» BayFM interview with Graeme Robin, 8 October 2012.

John Smith

John Smith is a little reticent. He’s not given the Victorian Electoral Commission permission to make his details or a photo of him publicly available. After initiating contact via the VEC, however, the Geelong Advertiser managed to milk one policy from him. Smith, they report, will implore Council to compete with Market Square and Westfield on parking rates.

Council parking meters currently charge $2 per hour in the CBD. Market Square offers the first hour of parking for free and only charges $1 for up to two hours parking. Mr Smith believes council should match Market Square’s rates.

Mr Smith submitted the following compulsory candidate statement to the VEC:

Firstly, let me apologise for having a slightly boring name. But it is real and has been for 48 years. I’m married with children and have lived and worked in the Geelong region all my life. I have a trade and engineering background and about 25 years work experience either in or alongside most government departments. Can I promise to lower rates, fix every pothole and make a better parking system – no I can’t. But I can assure you that I will be working my hardest to get the CEO and councillors to look at and adopt my new plans and procedures for a better council which respects ratepayers and community groups. I am not a member, motivated or backed by any political party in any way, shape or form. But I ask you to consider myself for the position of Mayor. Regards John Smith.

Some of Mr Smith’s fellow candidates question whether he is running a serious campaign. Keith Fagg, however, has come to Smith’s defence, saying,

I have spoken to John, he is a real person and has a number of ideas. He is standing in his own right.

More John:
» BayFM interview with John Smith, 17 October 2012.
» ‘Looking for John Smith’, Geelong Advertiser, 28 September 2012, Peter Begg.

Frank Rozpara

Frank Rozpara

Frank Rozpara

Frank Rozpara submitted the following candidate statement to the VEC:

I came to Australia aged 3 in 1949 on Boats with many Migrants seeking a better future Settling in Geelong. Integrating Nations Cultures and Cuisines transforming into this City today. Married resident in Leopold 33 Years and served the community in all of Geelong in Real Estate, 4WD Instructor, SES. Seen historic changes to public’s demise, International Harvester and Pyramid collapse forcing travel to Melbourne and beyond pursuing my Auto engineering consultancy career. The Mayor’s role is tending our City’s needs. Encompassing the Planning Minister’s and Government’s Long range Plan. If I get this role I’ll be questioning him on this as I am passionate about Geelong am visionary and wish to contribute to its long term future. Observing public’s rights and democracy by viewing Plans he’s made and expect to see a reason. Anything short of the Westminster System of Government of democratic Acts, Regulation and Constitution is treason.

More Frank
» BayFM interview with Frank Rozpara, 8 October 2012.

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Official nominations open on Thursday 20 September and close on Tuesday 25 September.

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